2012 Olympics Banana Split!

Ice Cream Before

The 2012 Olympic games have commenced! While watching the opening ceremonies tonight with my family I wanted to do something fun to celebrate. This morning I had the idea to make ice cream banana splits for dessert, using the colors of the olympic rings. This idea turned into an all day activity! We headed out to the store in search of blue, black, red, yellow and green ice cream. This adventure turned out to be a lot of fun! My kids ran up and down the ice cream isle searching for just the right colors. We ended up with blue raspberry Italian ice, dark chocolate ice cream, watermelon Italian ice, lemon sorbet and lime sherbet. Perfect! When we came home we did some research on the history of the olympic flag and found out that each color represents the 5 continents that compete in the games. Also, each color is represented on the flag of every nation in the games.


Then we got crafty! We made stamps with paint and random lids and cups from around the house to create the olympic symbol on paper.

Finally for dessert, we made amazing and very colorful banana splits! I even cut out a tiny symbol we had made earlier in the day and taped it to a tooth pick to make a flag on top! Now we are ready to snuggle up on the sofa and tune into London!



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