I am so excited about this craft!  I love making wreaths! I am very “house Proud” as Nate Berkus would say, and I find that making a fun wreath to welcome you into my home, a perfect touch! While vacationing in Southern Pines, NC this summer, I came across the cutest wreath in a boutique while shopping along Broad Street. The wreath was very simple, covered in yarn and adorned with a little bow. It totally called out to me! So, I’ve been making them now, with my own touches!

You will need:

1 crafting wreath made from styrofoam or straw


Straight pins

Accessories! (buttons, flowers, etc.)

{When shopping for your yarn and accessories, try to pick out colors that reflect the style of your home. It gives a little wink and a nudge to what’s behind the door! It’s your guests first greeting to your home, make it wonderful!}

Make a knot at the end of your yarn. Place a straight pin through the knot and pin it into the back of your wreath
(if using a straw wreath, keep the plastic cover on, it makes it easier to wrap it!) to secure the yarn in place. Wrap the entire wreath with the yarn. (Yes, it is tedious…find something good on TV.)

Once the wreath is completely covered, tie another knot with the end of the  yarn and pin it in the back. Now you are left with a snuggly blank canvas! Decorate as desired! Using the straight pins, your wreath becomes a pin board for whatever you want to reflect your style. You can even enter change your embellishments throughout the seasons or for special events!

Yarn Wreath with Buttons and Flower!
Yarn Wreath with Lemons!

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