Posted in October 2012

Cheese Soup

This recipe screams “Halloween” to my best friend Lauren and I. Growing up we always trick or treated together and our moms always served us up a heaping bowl of cheese soup before we went out door to door. Lauren’s mother used to make the soup as a cold weather comfort food and shared the … Continue reading

Sugar Skull Cookies

I am so excited about this recipe! I saw some sugar skull candies at the grocery store a few weeks ago among all of the Halloween goodies. The candies totally caught my eye and have had me brain storming ever since, on how to make my own sugar skull treats. The Mexican holiday The Day … Continue reading

Spider Cookies

This recipe makes a really fun activity for the kids! I was making a Halloween cake for a school function and decided to make the top look like a big spider web. I iced the cake with chocolate frosting and then piped white icing circles on the top, small one in the middle and then … Continue reading

Caramel Apples

Halloween is just around the corner and candy is everywhere you look! Making candy at home is a super fun way to indulge and not feel so bad about it because its homemade (right?). At least thats what I keep telling myself! This recipe makes a lot of caramel left over after dipping your apples. … Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Living in Florida it sure doesn’t feel like Fall outside right now. I really miss the cooler days, colorful trees and cozy clothes. So, I have found myself decorating for Halloween way more than I ever have and making as many cozy recipes as possible. When you think of Fall, most of us think of … Continue reading


Moussaka is one of my favorite greek dishes! I love the combination of warm cinnamon in the tomato sauce and the almost custard like creamy sauce on top. It is a savory dinner with a hint of sweet that makes it super yummy! If you think the ingredients sound a little strange, don’t knock it … Continue reading