Graham Cracker Houses

It’s that time of year to make and decorate a gingerbread house. But who has time to bake a house with all the other things on your “to do” lists! Sure you can buy those kits, with the cardboardish gingerbread pieces, strange glue like icing and candy that has been chosen for you, or you can do it all your own without baking a thing! When you are out picking up last minute items at the store hit up the candy isle and think “decorations”! Peppermints, cinnamon candies, red licorice, gum drops, anything your heart (or sweet tooth) desires. All you need next is a box of graham crackers and some icing! You can buy store bought icing or just stir together some powdered sugar with a tiny bit of water. Roll out some wrapping paper on your table for easy clean up afterward. I like to display all of the candy, crackers and icing in a very elegant way, placing them on silver platters and crystal bowls. Not only does this make a super chic presentation but it also makes the activity that more special! (Also, kids react to fancy things by trying to be more “grown up”-less messy!) Every year my kids and I have a blast with this! Merry Christmas!

IMG_5262 IMG_5264 IMG_5265 IMG_5267 IMG_5272 IMG_5277

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