Month: March 2013

Green Mint Whoopie Pies

Yesterday afternoon when my daughter informed me that she wanted to bring in pie to her math class today for a PI day celebration that they are having, I was excited to get baking! I thought rather than making one pie for the class,… Continue Reading “Green Mint Whoopie Pies”

Baked Chili Rellenos

One of my favorite dishes to order at Mexican restaurants is Chili Rellenos. Those yummy cheese filled chilies deep fried to perfection, mmmmm…. So good! One reason for always ordering them out is because it is a recipe that seems like it would involve… Continue Reading “Baked Chili Rellenos”

Dr.Seuss Cooking!

Dr. Seuss is being celebrated by kids all over the country right now in school in honor of his birthday March 2nd! Why not celebrate at home too?! Dr.Seuss is my all time favorite author. Yep thats right, love him. Dr. Seuss books are… Continue Reading “Dr.Seuss Cooking!”