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Upcycle Old Tights!

Here is a super fun and simple project for a rainy day (everyday this summer in Florida!!).

Going through Maggie’s clothes that she has outgrown and sorting out a pile to trash or donate, I came to her old tights and was stumped. They are super cute and I’d hate to trash them, but really, who wants old tights with worn out knees and little stained feet? I don’t think the Good Will would even take them. So, the crafting wheels started turning in my head. What to do with old tights? Make a snuggly snake! Of course, just what everyone needs! Maggie was super excited about this idea! She picked out some ribbon and cut out a tiny tongue, choose the perfect button eyes, cut up her old tights into strips and I got sewing. To fill the snake we used cotton/polyester filler. Baxter even got in on the stuffing! We had to use a yard stick to get the stuffing all the way down to the head! I even added some dried lavender to make it extra snuggly and wonderful. Then, I sewed up the tail and Snuggle Snake was complete!

You could really even make this without sewing. Just cut the tights leg off whole (not in ambitious strips like Maggie made!), fill it up with cotton, tissue paper, old socks (anything works), then tie some yarn around the end for the tail and hot glue on some eyes and a ribbon tongue! So simple.

Old Tights
Old Tights
Snuggle Snake!

One response to “Upcycle Old Tights!”

  1. Love this idea! Because you had the snake coiled up like that, I thought of a wreath. I have boys, thus no tights to speak of. I’m going to have to hit up all the friends with girls!

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