Watermelon and Raspberry Jello

The leftover watermelon sitting in my fridge was really getting to me.  You buy a huge watermelon, eat maybe half and then what? I hate wasting food, so I had to think of something. I always turn to muffins with leftover fruit, but watermelon muffins just doesn’t sound awesome. I tried looking up watermelon recipes on line and just came up with a lot of watermelon cocktails, not anything really family friendly. I finally thought of jello! Kids love jello! I can turn the watermelon into jello and it will be gone in no time!

This is what I did:

I chopped up the melon and removed the seeds. Then, placed it in my beloved food processor and pulsed it into a juice.  I strained out most of the small chunks, which measured out to be about 1 cup, added 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin and stirred it together with the chunks. Then the remaining juice measured out to be 3 cups. I heated the 3 cups of juice in the microwave until super hot and them poured it into the chunky gelatin mix. I stirred in about 4 T. of powdered sugar and still felt like it was missing something… It totally seemed bland. Opened the fridge and raspberries were smiling at me! I took a shallow pyrex jello mold and scattered a couple large handfuls of raspberries around the bottom before pouring in my watermelon gelatin. Placed it in the fridge until set. The more I sat around waiting for this concoction to be ready, the more I thought about a grand way to devour it! So, I ran out to the grocery and bought, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese and pound cake. Oh yes… now I’ve done it.

Watermelon and Raspberry Gelatin Dessert
Watermelon and Raspberry Jello Dessert

Watermelon and Raspberry Jello

4 cups of pureed watermelon

4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin (each envelop should be 1/4 oz.)

4 T. powdered sugar

6 oz. raspberries

~I served mine like this: Slice of pound cake with mascarpone cheese slathered over the top, large scoop of the jello, hearty mound of whipped cream and a raspberry on top.


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