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Shopping Vegan at Target

The idea of changing to a plant based diet can be overwhelming. When I decided to cut out all animal products from my diet over a year ago, I was not so sure I would stick with it for very long because it seemed too difficult. Our food culture is so rich with meats and cheeses, the thought of making a meal without those staples seemed almost impossible. I can now tell you, that it is possible! I have spent the last year without eating any meat or dairy and I have no plans of going back. Pinterest is an amazing place to start looking for recipes and learning about new ingredients. Once you start getting used to meal planning and shopping in a new way, eating plant based will become super easy! Right now couldn’t be a better time to start going plant based with all of the new awesome products filling the shelves at your usual stores. This past week I went to Target to highlight some of the foods that have become staples in my kitchen and some foods that looked delicious that I haven’t tried yet. The products shown are not limited to Target and there are plenty additional foods that are available I have not shown. These are just a handful that you can look for in the refrigerated and frozen section of Target.


Here is what I found on my weekly Target run…

Not all Morning Star foods are vegan but the ones that are, are delish! This brand has been around for ever and is found at most stores!


Miyoko’s Butter is AMAZING! When going plant based I was worried about losing that delicious butter flavor that I love so much but this product is so good I have never missed “cow” butter once! This brand is really tasty and I’m seeing more and more products from them in most stores now.IMG-3138

Wholly Veggie! and No Evil are products that I have yet to try but they look great. Gardein is super good!! My kids would never guess that the “chick’n” is actually plants! I buy this brand all the time, it is found in most stores.


These frozen prepared meals are perfect for an easy lunch or dinner. I found Amy’s, Kashi, Gardein and Sweet Earth brands at Target. Always double check the ingredients to make sure they are vegan!!



Kitehill is another brand I love! Who knew cream cheese could come from nuts?! This brand is becoming available now in more and more stores.


Good Foods is a brand that I just recently tried and LOVE it! The queso dip is awesome with tortilla chips. I just had the pesto last night with a yummy risotto I made and it was delicious!


I have not tried Lightlife plant based meats yet but I am a big fan of Field Roast and Tofurky. You can find these brands all over.


Plant based yogurt is popping up all over now from all of your favorite brands. Here is Almond Breeze and Silk, I buy these often!



Lightlife and Beyond Beef. I have made burgers with Beyond Beef several times, its a great brand.



I was pleased to see that Target has a whole milk section dedicated to Plant based milks now! All of these are delicious. I recommend that you try the different options that are available and see which one you like best. Almond, cashew, soy, oat, there are a lot to try!IMG-3136


Let me know what products you love!

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