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So many brilliant books spark the imagination of our children. Chow Now Brown Cow, goes a leap further not only to enlighten the imagination but to integrate the senses as well. Anne Redinger has fashioned a unique cookbook that encourages parents, teachers and caregivers to sit down and read with children. There are recipes and activities inspired from a collection of favorite children’s storybooks. Featured literary styles range to appeal to all ages from the smallest toddler to the inquisitive school age child. All of the recipes have been tested with many children for easy success and activities are smart and simple using things we all have around the house. Get ready to take fantasy out of the pages of adored books and into your kitchen and beyond!

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Having been the owner of a children’s cooking workshop, teaching preschool and being a mother of four, Anne Redinger knows her way around the kitchen with children. Anne has hosted numerous cooking classes and worked closely with families to create cooking parties for children of all ages. Having a passion for food and a background in early education, gives Anne a unique and creative spin on children’s cuisine.


“What an amazing book! As a recent stay-at-home mom, I have been looking for fun and educational things to do with my 3 year old. After looking through this book, I have decided each week, we will pick a recipe, go to the library to check out the book, cook, and do the activity. How fun! Can’t wait to start! Great book and highly recommended!”

-Whitney Kays

“Great recipes, also love the additional activities to do while everything’s in the oven! Such a cute title and really well put together! I think I’ll use it as house-warming and Christmas gifts from now on!”

-Ana E. Thomas

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