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Wingback Chair Reupholster Project

A few years ago, while I was driving down a street that I grew up on I noticed a chair sitting out for junk pick up. The chair was sitting outside my old best friends house. I called someone with a pick up truck… Continue Reading “Wingback Chair Reupholster Project”

Upcycle Old Tights!

Here is a super fun and simple project for a rainy day (everyday this summer in Florida!!). Going through Maggie’s clothes that she has outgrown and sorting out a pile to trash or donate, I came to her old tights and was stumped. They… Continue Reading “Upcycle Old Tights!”

Upcycle Your Old Jeans!

I have been really into fixing up old “junked” furniture recently  and really wanting to try to reupholster something. I have made new chair cushions and simple tasks like that, but I wanted a bigger project. How many times have you seen an old… Continue Reading “Upcycle Your Old Jeans!”

Repurposed Art Ideas

Happy Earth Day! Its that time of year to start planting your garden, plant a tree and of course Spring cleaning! I love to repurpose junk or clutter around the house. My garage seems to be the place that everything we don’t need or… Continue Reading “Repurposed Art Ideas”

Salt Dough Ornaments

Growing up going to preschool in Crescent HIll, I remember making Christmas ornaments out of dough with cookie cutters. (Not sure why I never thought of making them when I taught preschool.) This year I knew that I wanted to make cute ornaments for… Continue Reading “Salt Dough Ornaments”

Yarn Wreath

I am so excited about this craft!  I love making wreaths! I am very “house Proud” as Nate Berkus would say, and I find that making a fun wreath to welcome you into my home, a perfect touch! While vacationing in Southern Pines, NC… Continue Reading “Yarn Wreath”