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Pear Pastries

Last Friday was 3/14. If you have any math enthusiasts in your house you will know that 3/14 is also known as Pi day, referring to the mathematical ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter. My kids love math and look forward to… Continue Reading “Pear Pastries”

Watermelon and Raspberry Jello

The leftover watermelon sitting in my fridge was really getting to me. ¬†You buy a huge watermelon, eat maybe half and then what? I hate wasting food, so I had to think of something. I always turn to muffins with leftover fruit, but watermelon… Continue Reading “Watermelon and Raspberry Jello”

Birthday Cakes!

All three of my children have summer birthdays. So, during the summer my oven is busy baking! I always let the kids choose what cake they want and then I try my best to deliver! I have had some pretty wacky requests so far… Continue Reading “Birthday Cakes!”

Twinkies Split!

Welcome back Twinkies!! In honor of “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever”, I bought a box of Twinkies today and made a fun dessert with the kids. This is the most simple dessert ever and really fun to make! (I just HAD… Continue Reading “Twinkies Split!”

Green Mint Whoopie Pies

Yesterday afternoon when my daughter informed me that she wanted to bring in pie to her math class today for a PI day celebration that they are having, I was excited to get baking! I thought rather than making one pie for the class,… Continue Reading “Green Mint Whoopie Pies”

Dr.Seuss Cooking!

Dr. Seuss is being celebrated by kids all over the country right now in school in honor of his birthday March 2nd! Why not celebrate at home too?! Dr.Seuss is my all time favorite author. Yep thats right, love him. Dr. Seuss books are… Continue Reading “Dr.Seuss Cooking!”

Bake Sale Goodies!

Bake sale time! I get super excited about making little goodies to impress! When it is time for a bake sale think outside the norm. Don’t just go for the standard cookies or brownies, make something to stand out! Here are a few of… Continue Reading “Bake Sale Goodies!”

Holiday Candy

The first job that I ever had when I was 15 years old was an Oompa Loompa. Okay, so I didn’t work for willy Wonka, but I did make chocolates. I worked at a tiny chocolate shop that specialized in hand painted chocolates. There… Continue Reading “Holiday Candy”

Kentucky Bourbon Pumpkin Pie and Florida Orange Chess Pie

This past Thanksgiving I wanted to try out some new pie recipes. After brainstorming about it for quite a while, I decided to make two pies inspired by the two places I call home. Since we live in Florida, I made a pie with… Continue Reading “Kentucky Bourbon Pumpkin Pie and Florida Orange Chess Pie”

Cheese Soup

This recipe screams “Halloween” to my best friend Lauren and I. Growing up we always trick or treated together and our moms always served us up a heaping bowl of cheese soup before we went out door to door. Lauren’s mother used to make… Continue Reading “Cheese Soup”