Vegetarian Chili

I signed up earlier in the week to bring a soup into Church Friday night for a soup pot luck. Thursday night I realized I had forgot all about it and had nothing planned to cook. When I searched the kitchen for on hand ingredients, I found everything needed to whip up a pot of … Continue reading

Po’ Gardener and Po’ Boy Sandwiches

I bought way too much shrimp this week, so I needed another recipe to use them up quickly. What came to mind? Po’ Boy sandwiches! YUM! For those that don’t eat seafood try making a Po’ Gardener, instead of shrimp, fry up some zucchini as a substitute. I made both sandwiches last night and they … Continue reading

Spring Rolls

Almost every year for Lent I give up eating meat until Easter. By the time Easter comes around I don’t miss meat at all! I love to cook vegetarian. I make dinners at least 2-3 nights a week with no meat and they are just as filling and yummy! I am going to try to … Continue reading

Watermelon and Raspberry Jello

The leftover watermelon sitting in my fridge was really getting to me.  You buy a huge watermelon, eat maybe half and then what? I hate wasting food, so I had to think of something. I always turn to muffins with leftover fruit, but watermelon muffins just doesn’t sound awesome. I tried looking up watermelon recipes … Continue reading

Birthday Cakes!

All three of my children have summer birthdays. So, during the summer my oven is busy baking! I always let the kids choose what cake they want and then I try my best to deliver! I have had some pretty wacky requests so far and have always managed to pull it off. This summer Maggie … Continue reading

Upcycle Old Tights!

Here is a super fun and simple project for a rainy day (everyday this summer in Florida!!). Going through Maggie’s clothes that she has outgrown and sorting out a pile to trash or donate, I came to her old tights and was stumped. They are super cute and I’d hate to trash them, but really, … Continue reading

Twinkies Split!

Welcome back Twinkies!! In honor of “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever”, I bought a box of Twinkies today and made a fun dessert with the kids. This is the most simple dessert ever and really fun to make! (I just HAD to celebrate the return of the most delightful Hostess snack!) Make … Continue reading

Red, White and Blue Pasta

Alright, so obviously 4th of July this week and everything is red white and blue. Lets eat it too! The whole month of June, I have been on vacation in Vero Beach Florida with my family. It has been great! Waking up each day, rolling out of bed and landing on the beach with the … Continue reading

Upcycle Your Old Jeans!

I have been really into fixing up old “junked” furniture recently  and really wanting to try to reupholster something. I have made new chair cushions and simple tasks like that, but I wanted a bigger project. How many times have you seen an old chair or sofa that would be awesome if it had different … Continue reading