Easy plant based recipes for the whole family to enjoy together.


As a mother of four children, published author, having been the owner of a cooking workshop, teaching, catering and hosting parties for all ages, Anne Redinger a.k.a. The Muffin Anne, knows her way around a kitchen. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Anne has been surrounded by a rich and unique southern cuisine throughout her life.

In 2012 Anne was diagnosed with MS and in 2017 survived cancer. Healthy living has now become a focus of her life and raising of her family. In 2019 Anne changed her eating habits to become vegan and has never looked back. Eating plants has shown so many health benefits for all people. For Anne, eating vegan has vastly improved her ability to live symptom free with MS and has given her more energy and overall wellness. She is now dedicated to educating others on a journey to a successful plant based life.

Anne Redinger is a certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator, as well as a yoga instructor.  In the traditional yoga teachings ahimsa is one of the rules to live by. Ahimsa means nonviolence or freedom from harming. Advocating for animals through veganism and yoga is a passion for Anne. 

For more information on services check out theveganyogi.kitchen.

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