Easy plant based recipes for the whole family to enjoy together.

8 Essentials for Cooking with Kids

8 Kitchen Must Haves For Cooking with Kids!

-Clear mixing bowls-

Using clear bowls allows children to see every ingredient being added and mixed together!

-Step stool-

Use a sturdy step stool so that children can reach counter tops easily!

-Measuring cups and spoons-

Using proper measuring utensils makes all the difference! Try to find ones with larger handles that are better for little hands to grip!

-Cutting board- 

If you are going to allow your child to cut at all, make sure you use a cutting board that is very sturdy and counter gripping on the bottom to make the task as safe as possible!


A plastic picnic knife might be a good starting point. When you are comfortable stepping it up a bit, a small paring knife with a good gripping handle is usually great for small hands (with extreme caution and guidance of course!).


My favorite tool in the kitchen is a good whisk! Children love whisking, so find a hardy one that can handle a good beating!

-Wooden spoon-

Wooden spoons are perfect for stirring just about everything, so always have a good one on hand!


Keep tidy in the kitchen! Wearing an apron sets the tone for cooking and prevents avoidable wardrobe changes!

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